Dajç Cave

Has, Albania
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It is located about 10 km east of Kruma. It is located in the Dajç neighborhood of Mujaj village. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the early antiquity. This is evidenced by objects discovered in the cave such as swords, knives, pottery. Dajç Cave (2600 PES-1200 PES) about 10 km east of Krumë. This cave is located in the Daç district of Mujaj village. It is a very cavernous cave of its kind, dating back to ancient times from the archaeological excavations carried out here This cave has been inhabited since ancient times and the whole district area has different summits. In this cave were searched in 1985 -1987 by archeologist Muhamet Bela and according to research this cave is inhabited since the Bronze Age of Iron until the early antiquity. During the research of these years, swords have been discovered knives and various types of pottery. As this cave is similar and one in the Dajcite town and is called a cave with a yard for which there was never spoken and checked, and in the vicinity of this neighborhood there are some uncontrolled summits.