Tropoja Heights

Maja e Hekurave Tropojë


The Iron Summit or Mountain of the Hays is located in the Albanian Alps in the Tropoja district, with a height of 2561 m in the Valbona valley in the northeast. Numerous glacial circles, stretching almost all over its sides, have given the tip a sharp pyramid shape descending staircase to the valley of Motina from the northeast, the torrent valley of the Lake from the southeast and the valley of the Selbica stream from Sunset. Its main peaks are that of Alshina (2295 m), the Black Point (2424 m) and the top of Diva (2332 m). The name Maja e Hekurit relates a legend, according to which there are rocks on the quarry sites at its top, where rope ships were thrown hundreds of years ago as they sailed into the water filled area that was later named Malësia e Gjakovës . Another legend says of these sharp “knives” of the mountain associated with the great flood, Noah’s, and that his ark is stuck at these heights and has connected the iron bars of anchoring. But most importantly, these peaks have become an important tourist destination for snow and heyday adventurers.


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