Nike Shop

Pejë, Kosova
Dyqan Marketi
Market Shop


The 30-year-old tradition of the Nallbani family from Peja, with the chain of famous brand stores Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Convers, today was crowned with the newest Nike Shop facility – the most modern in the region.

In a 600-square-meter store, located on the “Queen Teuta” street, its three floors offer about a thousand products from world-renowned brands.

In addition to Nike Shop, which is located in Peja, this family has four other shops: Adidas Shop, Adidas Multi, Reebok and Muko Jeans.


Adresa: Rr. Mbretëresha Teutë, Pejë, Kosovë
Mobile: +386 49 755 511