Training on Customer Care

Aktivitet / Activity


In the frame of “Improving Tourism Offer in the Highlands of Albania and Kosovo” a training on Customer Care was organized for 12 days (6 session by 2 days).

The first round of training sessions were organized in Kosovo and respectively in Gjakova, Decan and Peja on the following dates: November 29-30, 2018, December 03-04/05-06, 2018.

The second round was organized in Albania and respectively in Has, Tropoja and Valbona on the following dates: December 11-12/13-14/17-18, 2018.

There were 90 persons (45 in Kosovo and 45 in Albania) trained on this topic.

The objectives of the training were:

-To enhance the capacity and knowledge of six target groups in Good Customer Care and offer better tourism services;

– To introduce successful models on improving Customer Care (Good practices for collecting wild forest fruits and medicinal herbs);

– To create effective communication between the offer and the client;

During the training sessions:

–  It emphasized the importance of Customer Care in the project area, seen this linked with development of tourism in the region;

– Discussions were stimulated in identifying challenges and problems in regards with Customer Care in the cross-border region;

– It was offered knowledge that can contribute to improved team work, motivation, lidership, strategic planning, staff involvement and access to process.

The training raised awareness of the small-scale production and service business on best use of natural resources for tourism attraction, transmit information to influence attitude and behavior regarding Customer Care, as a way to improve tourism attraction as a way to promote the economic development in the project area.