Training on Food Safety and Production Technology

Aktivitet / Activity


In the frame of “Improving Tourism Offer in the Highlands of Albania and Kosovo” a training on Food Safety and Production Technology was organized for 12 days (6 session by 2 days).

The first round of training sessions were organized in Kosovo and respectively in Gjakova, Decan and Peja on the following dates: January 08-09/10-11/21-22, 2019.

The second round was organized in Albania and respectively in Has and Tropoja on the following dates: January 23-24/28-29/30-31, 2019.

There were 90 persons (45 in Kosovo and 45 in Albania) trained on this topic.

The objectives of the training were:

-To offer the main information in the tourism sector and increase the capacity of the local farmers to ensure the food safety and offer better tourism services;

– To learn to know the value traditional culinary products and the cultural and culinary peculiarities of their regions;

– To promote the traditional products and foods;

During the training sessions:

–  It emphasized the importance of food safety and quality production technology in the project area, seen this linked with development of tourism in the region together with specific information for each product;

– Discussions were stimulated in identifying challenges and problems in regards with food security in this region;

– It was offered knowledge that can contribute to improved production hygiene and increased product quality at food producers. Focus was given to risk towards contamination sources, analyse the causes of problems, suggest solutions to ensure safe and high quality foods

The training raised awareness of the small-scale production business on best use of natural resources for tourism attraction, transmit information to influence attitude and behavior regarding food safety and quality production technology, and promotion of safe and bio traditional food as a way to improve tourism attraction as a way to promote the economic development in the project area.