Training of women on marketing of traditional products

Aktivitet / Activity


In the frame of “Improving Tourism Offer in Highlands of Albania and Kosovo”, ALCDF organized two training sessions with focus training of women in marketing of traditional products. The two training sessions where held one in Has one in Gjakove on October 25th and 29th, 2018. Around 40 women increased their knowledge on the concept and principles of marketing. A participatory and interactive approach was emphasized throughout the training program. Special emphasis was given to the use of methods that would make participants feel free ask questions and express their ideas about various topics. This combination of theoretical background with practical exercises was crucial for the success of the training program, because participants had the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences and come up with group solutions related to the advocacy process and its steps


After formulating and crafting the messages participants discussed on identification of potential actors and organizations which can be part of their marketing networks and coalitions. Most of them considered that both central and local government should play a better role in supporting local producers. They also highlighted the importance of involving in their networks local community members, business, NGOs, etc. Illustration with concrete network examples helped participants to learn about the network structure, communication between network members and network sustainability.