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Tabakhanna mill in Prizren, a place where some people believe that dumb children can be cured!

Tabakhan mill. It’s special and its owners have been changed over different times. This mill has entered the legends of the people, and often the mothers who do not listen to the children send it to this mill to hear its noises, and it is said that if the voice is heard by the voice, it opens its mouth and starts to speak, ” historian Batiu.

Mulliri is owned by Maliq Gërmizaj, and he says that people are still coming to seek treatment at this mill.

“There are effects because the old people have not accidentally left the legend that this mill cures, children fall here, there are successes, but it is normal that it is God’s work, ours is doing the order,” says the mill owner.

According to historian Batiu, the many existing mills in Prizren that existed had prepared this city to become the capital of Albanians



Adressa: Urra e vjeter prizren