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About the organization. The Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF).

The Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) is a non-profit organization that focuses on creating innovative solutions in Agriculture, Tourism, Environment, Local Government and Civil Society Developmental in rural areas of Albania. Founded by a group of organizations in 2010, the Foundation has inherited sixteen years of knowledge, expertise, network and capacities from the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), its predecessor. The goal of ALCDF, is to promote social-economic well-being and viable livelihoods through provision of capacity development services, improved service environments, and increased responsiveness and effectiveness of financing. Additionally, gender equality and female empowerment are top priorities of the Foundation, which is achieved by the several projects implemented. Since its inception, has successfully executed a large number of projects.


About the CBC project Albania and Kosovo.

Since March 1st, 2018, ALCDF is implementing in partnership with Kosovo Development Centre (KDC) and MRFP the project "Improving tourism offer in highlands of Albania and Kosovo", funded from the European Union Delegation to Albania.
The main goal of the project is to enhance the capacity and competitiveness of the tourism sector in the cross-border regions by the economic valorisation of its cultural and natural heritage to ensure socio-economic development of the project targeted areas.
The project is conceptualized in two phases that proceed in parallel:
Firstly, improve the infrastructure of shepherd’s huts with the identification and marking of themed trails and info point’s installation will all the necessary information for the tourist and the creation of 5 camping sites and 10 resting points in total. During the identification process of themed trails will be taken in consideration their vicinity with historical, natural or cultural sites to make the tourists’ journey more appealing.
Secondly, to enhance the capacity of the local farmers to provide good customer service to ensure more opportunities for business and achieve socio-economic goals of the target regions. In full line with the specific objectives that envisage valorisation of cultural and natural heritage as a way to promote the economic development of the target regions we will ensure the improvement of the quality of services and the local farmers’ competitiveness. Furthermore, the cultural, historical and natural heritage will be preserved and promoted. Following a gender balanced approach, a special emphasis will be given to the women’s vital role in the promotion and development of tourism in the target region. They will be taught to sell traditional products (both artistic and culinary ones) not only to raise the income of their families but also to promote the cultural and culinary peculiarities of the target regions. We will promote both tangible and intangible cultural heritage in terms of marketing, pricing, promotion, product packaging etc. for getting tangible benefits from tourism.